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Amazing Solos Misc. Easy Baroque Repertoire Misc. Der Mond ist aufgegangen Misc. Italian Baroque Music Misc. Concert Repertoire for Recorder with piano Misc.

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French Baroque Suites Misc. Anthology of French Baroque Music Misc. Renaissance Recorder Misc. Recital Pieces for Recorder, Vol. Recital Pieces 3 Misc. Winner Scores All Misc. Lawrance 1 A - pno part supplied separately. Winner Scores All - piano accompaniment Misc. Lawrance Piano. Alla Turca from K.

A concrn for the natural world and its ongoing destruction by man inspires this haunting work. The first movement, a prayerful and mystical inrroduction leading to an athletic leaping dance is succeeded by a gentle lament for the leafy trees. The virtuosic finale in which descant and sopranino recorders take over from treble, is a hectic and primitive-sounding dance for birds, in irregular and teasing rhythms..

Cantabile Op. Sonata in D minor Paisible, Jacques arr. Complete Suites Paisible, J ed. Solo in G major Parcham, Andrew, ed. Dialogue and Dance Parrott, Ian, ed. Turner 1 A and organ. Duo Parrott, Ian, ed. Turner 1 A and cello. Six Sonatas 1 Pepusch, J C ed. Six Sonatas 2 Pepusch, J C ed. Sonata in G min. Just a Few Rogers, Shorty, arr. Fairy Queen Sonatas Rosier, de, ed. Acht Solosonaten Pt. Passacaglia sopra 'Plusieurs regrets', op. Sonatina Op. Meditazioni sopra 'Coeurs desoles',Op. Sonata in A minor, Op. L'Alphabet de la Musique Op 30, Vol. Sonata, op.

Stuart Scott studied composition with Lennox Berkeley and at the age of 21 was awarded a prize at the Stroud Festival International Composers Competition. Intermezzo is about grade 7 or 8, very accessible, full of contrast and excitement for recorder and accompaniment.. Sonata in F minor, Op. Fandango Soler, Antonio arr. Sonata in D minor Steffani, Agostino ed. The treble book does not contain the same pieces as book 1. These are delightful, short pieces of roughly grade standard but enjoyable for all.. Methodische Sonata G min after op. Same as above.

Betz, Edition Moeck published Petri, Edition Wilhelm Hansen, Copenhagen no. Many editorial changes to the original score! Fantasy for soprano descant recorder Fantasy for soprano descant recorder solo Petri, Moeck, ZfS published Thalheimer, Carus-Verlag CV Petri, Moeck, ZfS Tarasov, Friedrich Hofmeister FH published The piano part is technically very demanding.

First edition.

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Original version. Beautiful concertante piece with demanding piano part. Only playable on a csakan or recorder in A flat. Divertimento for alto recorder and piano around Transposed version of the original piece for alto recorder. Potpourri op. Unique in the chamber music repertoire, this is a musically attractive quartet beyond amateur level. The original part for csakan has been supplemented with a transposed part for the recorder that is also suitable for playing on the flute.

Grand Duo for alto recorders around Tarasov, Hofmeister FH published Difficult concertante duet in sonata form for advanced players. September [Exercises for flageolet dedicated to Julius von Ponikau, baron of Osterberg, from 7th September ] Faksimile des Manuskripts. Facsimile collection: A. Kuhn, C. Kreith, A. Fladt Anton Leoni Kuhn: Quattre duettins pour deux flageolets op. These duets are now available in a new edition. Partly through-composed, advanced.

First printed edition of this demanding trio, suitable for playing on a variety of instruments in different combinations. Largo et Rondo for soprano descant , alto treble and tenor recorders. First printed edition of this demanding trio, arranged for recorder trio. Trio op. Tarasov, Doblinger, Diletto musicale DM published First printed edition.

The only surviving trio for 3 csakans — pleasant. Reyne, Heinrichshofen N Thalheimer, Carus Sonata op. Mascher, Edition Moeck Notturno op. Tarasov, Doblinger GKM published Rare but very attractive instrumentation. The music shows some Schubert-esque phrases of high quality. Schubert admired Matiegka and adapted one of his works. Zurfluh, Paris. Opera melodies arranged for 2 flageolets recorders in c by C. Simple theme with interesting variations. Due to a special transposition relationship it is also possible to play this piece on an alto recorder with C fingering.

In short sonata form. Suitable for beginners. Good and stylistically interesting collection, moderately difficult. To be played on a recorder in a 1. The title Notturno is not original but a suggestion oft he editor. An important piece with elements of sonata form in its original version for 2 csakans. Nowadays two recorders in a 1 are necessary to play this piece. A piece with a demanding soloistic part for guitar.

In addition to the version for flute and guitar, the work was also originally published in a version for csakan recorder and guitar. The editor of this edition does not mention this. This new edition unfortunately offers only the version for flute. Editor: S. Ehrhardt, Hofmeister FH published Reyne, Edition Moeck Nr. Good practise material ranging from scale studies to short pieces. Original Potpourri, op. Hettrick, Sweet Pipes Inc. Musically valuable divertimenti, to be recommended. This is a version for alto treble recorder.

Reyne, Edition Moeck Concert Polonaise op. Virtuosic concert piece, good agogical study in the Polish style. The piece was originally published in two versions, either with accompaniment by the Pianoforte or with string orchestra. Concerto Polonaise op.

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  • Bravour-Variations op. Heske, Edition Moeck Catchy theme; variations require fast fingerwork. Haller, Moeck ZfS published Pretty and simple short pieces, ideal for beginners. Serenade in A major for flute and guitar [op. Wensiecki, Zimmermann ZM The piece was originally composed for csakan recorder and guitar.

    The new edition was prepared for the flute. In order to play this piece in the original key relationship, the solo part has to be transposed from A major to C major, down an augmented sixth, and be played on a recorder in a 1. Duo Concertant op. Original version in a modern edition with critical commentary. Three movement concertante piece: first movement in sonata form, solemn middle movement and Mozartian Rondo.

    Nice piano part with soloistic sections. A good example of high-quality music for the csakan music of the early romantic period, comparable to works by Carl Maria von Weber for other woodwind instruments. Transposed down a minor third for the alto treble recorder.

    Transposed down a semitone from the original version according to a suggestion of the composer in op. Variations Brilliantes op. Petri, Edition Hansen Technically very virtuosic recorder part. The first set of variations is based on a waltz theme, the second on a more serious, Mozartian theme, the third on a theme with Alpine motifs. The composition has clear and exact phrasing and dynamic markings and is therefore a very good example for the performance of early romantic recorder music. Two original Themes with Variations, op. Editor: G. Reprint of set of theme and variations No.

    Original Pieces op. Complete collection of duets from the delightful op. Editor: U. Herrmann, Herrmann Heft See above. Cheap version in copied handwritten notation. Duet op. Editor: L.

    One of the beautiful and dramatic duets by Kraehmer within a collection of ordinary duets of other composers. Folkloric motifs throughout. Rondeau Hongrois op. Good agogic studies in Hungarian style. Denecker, Alamire-Verlag published This facsimile of the edition from is unfortunately difficult to read in places. Important collection of increasingly difficult scales and studies in all keys — a must for the ambitious recorder player; study no. As usual, csakan music is notated in C. Several pieces of the collection will sound better played on an alto treble recorder. New Editions:.

    Reproduction of the complete collection of studies, however, without any comments relating to the csakan and the various directions by Kraehmer. A selection of studies from op.

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    Tarasov, Doblinger, DM published A selection of a chapter of pieces from op. Fantasie from op. Study No. Same piece as above. Very beautiful theme and excellent virtuosic variations. Quatre Rondeaux op. Essential and demanding concertante pieces from the csakan repertoire. The lost piano part, lost until the year , was reconstructed by the editor in accordance with the style of the period.

    Transposed version of the original pieces for alto recorder. Rondo La Tyrolienne op. Rondo militaire op. Demanding concert piece in rondo form and elements of the sonata form. Two Contredances for Orchestra. Editor: I. Freiberg, Doblinger DM Score published The first contredance uses a flageolet in the orchestra. Six Galops for alto treble recorder solo Arranged by the famous csakan virtuoso Ernest Kraehmer in Waltz and Galop for recorder in C solo.

    Original studies from the well-known dance music by Strauss Senior in an original solo version. Three Soli for soprano descant recorder solo around These pieces, originally referred to as studies for the French flageolet, are attractive and quite extensive concert pieces.

    Recent research has shown that they are selections from flute concertos by F. Devienne and that they were simply adapted by Carnaud. For further reading see P. Hettrick, Loux Music No. Korda, Edition Schott Important collection of studies from the romantic period, very difficult; in the new edition some studies have been made more accessible by transposition.

    The compendium for studies in difficult keys par excellence. One of the most important and most attractive collections of difficult concert studies, some made more accessible by transpositions from the original. A must for advanced players. Edition Schott , RMS published In romantic, Chopin-esque style, not difficult. Schott ED published Difficult piece for both players in late romantic style. Demanding piece in late romantic style. Sonatina in d-minor for SSA. Little pieces for SSA. Highly romantic, pompous trio in best piano trio tradition.

    Fantasie for recorder and piano. One of the earliest published postromantic works; a rare composition by a female composer, attractive and not difficult. Concertino for alto recorder and piano piano reduction op. Universal Edition UE published string parts for hire.

    Concertante piece in the style of a serenade, highly romantic, showing influences by Reger and Richard Strauss, as well as some atmospheric, modal elements from Scottish folk music. Exposed melodic part.

    Quartettino op. Universal Edition U. Forsyth published Sonatina op. Divertimento op.

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    Schott OFB Three Intermezzi op. Schott OFB published One of the best works for this instrumentation, in late romantic-Viennese style. However, the choice of harpsichord as accompaniment appears dubious — the part is better suited to a piano. This was out of print for a long time but has been available as a reprint since The melody instrument was mostly written in real pitch an octave lower and rarely as a transposing instrument one step lower.

    The melody line is often very easy — thus making it suitable for the development of a good sound. For the most recent review see the American Recorder, November , p. Emerson Edition published Sonatina for alto treble recorder and piano Schott published Quartet in F No. Schott, published ; parts: Edition ; miniature score: Edition a.

    Quartet in G No.