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Retrieved 1 March The New York Times. Daily Telegraph. Retrieved 8 March The Guardian. Desert Island Discs. BBC Radio 4.

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Retrieved 30 November Archived from the original on 18 March Retrieved 14 November The London Gazette Supplement. Retrieved 4 December King Features. Archived from the original on 25 November Retrieved 18 March Retrieved 9 May In , he was appointed as a teacher at Maidstone Grammar School in Kent, where his romantic life was about to take an unexpected turn. Golding had been engaged to a woman from Marlborough, Mollie Evans, sometime in the s. Mollie was well-liked by his parents, especially Alec, who had taught her. She had the kind of face that always looks made-up, even in the bath — such black eyebrows, such a big, red mouth.

She was the prettiest girl I ever saw, neat in profile, with soft cheeks and two dimples that were in stunning contrast with her tenor voice and scarifying language.

43: A Window Showing Scenes from the Early Life of Jesus

He would occasionally dream about her and she, too, provided the basis for a character in Free Fall , Beatrice Ifor. John Carey also suggests that the character of Mary in Pincher Martin is inspired by Mollie, although if this is the case Mollie has her revenge as Mary rejects the attentions of Christopher Martin.

Their son, David, was born in Shortly afterwards, Golding enlisted in the Navy to fight in the Second World War , where he would endure the worst horrors of his lifetime. Faber and Faber, Judy Golding, The Children of Lovers.

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William Golding, The Hot Gates. Faber and Faber, , new ed. Karenza, the house where Golding was born. Golding playing the piano at 29 The Green. He was baptized and later on in life, married.

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The exact date of his birth is unknown, but with a great depth of knowledge of records, environment information and other forms of literature in the course of this time period can give a great portrayal of the accurate life of William Shakespeare. William was the oldest of the surviving children in his househ old.

Early life

There were two sisters who died before him during child birth and delivery. However, he was not the only child in the home.

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His childhood household upbringing was strict discipline of the Middle Ages. The boys rose early, waited on their parents at the table, kept silent in their presence, and capped their hats to elders on the streets. This was the norm during his time, and there was not a doubt that William was raised in a very traditional home for their culture. However, one change from his parents childhood to those of their kin was education.

His parents wanted to provide an educational background for their children because they were never given the opportunity to advance their own knowledge and education. Education started from a very young age in the Shakespeare home. The master of this new school was paid much higher than any of the similar schools in the area.

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This type of increase in salary gave much publicity to the new school and attracted the smartest pupils and scholarly professors. Latin was the only language used in the education system of the Queen. In fact only Latin Grammar books from the authors of Colet and Lyly were the only books authorized by the royal proclamation. These were the only books used in the English school and the young boys were forced to learn the grammar book by heart before he understood the language in which they were written.

This type of teaching was to learn the Latin way of verbal use, proper dialogue which school masters demanded.

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Some of the Latin literature pieces which Shakespeare was interested in were play wrights, Virgil, Ovid, Terence, Platus and the praised tragedies of Seneca. For example, he referenced Ovid in one of his first poems and borrowed characters for other works. After several years of grammar school and years of being apprentice for his father,William Shakespeare moved to London around The new urban lifestyle of London was a perfect environment for a young educated man with a desire to provide literature for these citizens around him. He began enjoying the colorful and influential life of London and started to produce plays and poems.