The Web of Debt: The Shocking Truth about our Money System and How We can Break Free (5th Edition)

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Your email. Send Cancel. Check system status. Toggle navigation Menu. Name of resource. Problem URL. Describe the connection issue. SearchWorks Catalog Stanford Libraries. Web of debt : the shocking truth about our money system and how we can break free. In QB desktop, if I wanted a report showing activity for a specific sub-class, I could request that. If I wanted a report on a parent-level class, that would include all sub-class activity broken out under that parent-level class, I simply ran the report on the parent-level class.

One-click, done. Not so with QB online. I can run a report on a sub-class just fine. But if I want a report at the parent-level class, I have to manually select the parent-class, and individually select every single sub-class as well. Why would you take a hierarchical class list process and flatten it without telling people? How does that make sense? Not at all. That is just begging to get hacked by criminals and spied upon by government. Quick Books online was doing great for us until about one month ago. Our bank upgraded their secuirty settings needed to signin and now quick books is no longer compatible.

Does anyone know if this is a common problem. Yes, I have talked many times to Quick Books they are bad at responding back with elevated ticket issues and the bank and have exhausted ideas. I am afraid we have no choice to change accounting software after only using Quick Books online for six months. My own client said I should immediately fire Quickbooks. Again they forced us to provide all types of paperwork, they also contacted this client and and really really made me and my company look horrible. It took 4. Horrible, horrible, horrible. They could not care at all.

No empathy at all. No apologies now respect for their clients and no concept of the idea that they are supposed to be helping me grow my business not tearing my company apart, making us look bad to our own clients, and withholding our funds so we could run our company better. No good. While it has some good functionality it is the opposite of user friendly.

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The worst part is the fees. The day my accountant gives the okay to move to something different will be a happy one indeed. I have been a Quicken, Quickbooks, Quickbooks Online user for almost 25 years. QuickBooks Online is nice service of Intuit , a long time leader in accounting software for small- businesses and tax software.

They will claim your files are damaged , now buy our service to maintain. After I bought the latest version then they want to play this game just to do attachments will not load them up. I am going to cut my losses, I hate QuickBooks!!!!!!! Going back to quicken as soon as possible.. Research and you will find many issues have not been resolved for years. The version is far from being stable and lacks so many useful features that desktop version has.

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As an ongoing user of desktop, I am unhappy with the offering. It appears from the features presentation that there is a monthly charge for using the bankfeeds feature and for managing more than 3 checkbooks. These are deal killers for me and I will not be buying the new product.

I finally upgraded to the version after months of threats from QB that on May 31 my version would explode. QB is the worst version I have ever owned. This version has a reoccurring and apparently not fixable error called, unrecoverable error, causing QB to close down. I have call QB suppoert 4 times and waited on hold for over 4 hours.

The support team does not know what they are doing and they have to google other web sites for possible solutions. It is amazing that you can always get them to answer the phone fast when they are trying to sell their products but good luck if you need to contact support. I have been on hold for todays call for 51 minutes and the agent is of no help.

I have been using Quickbooks for over 10 years. I pay for a yearly subscription to update my software to the newest version, payroll software and pro-adviser support which Quickbooks themselves sold to me. Now when I have a problem, they tell me my files are corrupted. Also, they say I corrupted the files and it was not their system even though the files are on a secure server only running Quickbooks. Instead of fixing the problem their technical team wants to point fingers and is trying to charge me for more support.

They do not care about the customer. Also, I failed to mention their system did not update for the last few years since to the newer versions as it was suppose to and they tell me that is my fault as well but they gladly charged me every year for the new versions. This year I am transitioning every single company out of Quickbooks to a company that actually stands behind their product rather than points fingers and is always trying to get more money even after I purchased additional support which they advised me to buy.

Absolute worst accounting software out there on the market. Only after they nickled and dimed me to death did I realize this software is really more for a techie who has an engineering degree. If you ever have to call their support team, be prepared for a good hours on the phone and MAYBE they will be able to resolve your issue. In my case they never could. I use the cloud QB and have had nothing but problems since day one of using it.

I am just a regular guy trying to make a living and own my own business. I am real and doubt seriously that most of these 5 star reviews are from real people other than Quickbook employees. There is no way!! Save your money and go with WAVE. Thousands of users vote for new features the top feature request with votes has been listed since July The other big worry is the future availability of data for audit purposes etc. Many small and medium companies dont survive after the first year, QBO state they will keep your data for 1 year read only after ending your subscription, then it is deleted.

This does not meet legal requirements for data retention in my country. Various reports can be downloaded with data but this is piece by piece and not linked. Xero offers to restore your file if required for future requirements, probably for a fee but that is acceptable if you face a Tax audit or payroll audit. For me, this is a big negative. I signed up for one and after spending many hours inputting data and categorizing, I was told that if I did not purchase the most expensive option, they would delete all that data and force me to do all the work over again. I did not want or need the most expensive options as it is just for my personal accounting — I am not a big business with employees.

Quickbooks office is not friendly to their user. I have problem with opening my account after updating quickbook to the latest version. When i called to their office and seek for solution, their people ask for support fees only willing to help us figure out what is the problem that cause my quickbook fail to open. Not sure if this happen to me only or other user too. The software asked us to update, so we update. But after update it couldnt function as usual and we have to pay.

What is the point of asking us to update? Is this a tactic to earn more support fees? I thought I was the only one who was frustrated with Quickbooks until I found this site. I have been using Quickbooks for Mac for several years and every time I have needed assistance I get the run-around and I am transferred to people who barely speak English. Most recently I needed to do something for my year-end accounting and I was transferred to four different people — none of whom understood what I was trying to accomplish — it was a joke.

I actually ended up figuring it out myself.

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Now, I get an email telling me they no longer will support Quickbooks after May and I need to purchase an updated version. Doing research now to figure out what program is best because I am fed up with Quickbooks.

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The agent is dead in the water, uninterested, I ended up talking to myself and asking if he was there. There is a pretty massive bug tagging all PayPal transactions under the same name and there is no way to add the merchant fee to the invoice. The support agent could care less and has no solution for it. Jennifer I completely agree with you. We have spent hours on the phone and they have send they are still working on a fix. We we in the process of upgrading to Enterprise when all this happened but since we could not get a good verified copy of our data we could not import it into Enterprise.

We will not recommend QB at this point in time to anyone. We will be looking for alternatives for when our year end is done in April god knows what our accountant will charge us to confirm all entries etc for CRA! Not what I expected from QB as a user for the last 8 years and invested time and effort to upgrade to Enterprise as our business grew.

Oh and they mentioned that we have a large file, what would you expect after 8 years of information! A small file? Still no word on a fix as of yesterday when after we called them again and they said they are still working on it. To add insult to injury they sent me a survey on how well they did with our call!

Think you can get what I told them. Fix the issue QB, this is what we have paid for, software that works, please! I wish I could leave less than one star! I had used quickbooks desktop for years, never a issue. Decided to move to online, the biggest mistake I could have ever made. Basically we know more about it than they do. Explanation for that would take a whole page more. Enter a bill, leave enter bills, go back check the bill is still entered, later go back and check, bill somehow disappears WHY!!!

No one at quickbooks can explain. Quickbooks cannot explain!! Reconcile check book month after month no problem. Then all of the sudden for the SIXTH attempt to try to figure it out, we see the balance we ended with last month is not the same as what we are starting with this month. Go back to look at last months reconcile, ending number is good. No explanation. The very best one!! Call quickbooks and explain, and then have to prove to them with screen shot the problem.. It looks like the Simple Start plan does not have the general ledgers report, but the Essentials and Plus versions do.

Here is some more information. Quick books merchant services caused my first business to go bankrupt. They facilitate credit card fraud. Read the fine print. They take no responsibility only your money. I would advise using a different merchant service. As far as accounting software goes, QuickBooks is the absolute worst. Find literally any other alternative out there. If I could give zero stars right now I would.

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  • Tried going back to QuickBooks Premier but both desktop and online versions are deficient in basic functions and Intuit has grown much too large to care. Wish I had gone with a competitor. Intuit has clearly become much too comfortable with their dominance in the market.

    Extremely frustrated! I have used and recommended QuickBooks for 20 years — but I will no longer be doing this. They have reached a size that they do not care about customer service. There goal is to be the Comcast of accounting software! Gotta use them no matter how they treat you.

    There are many new products coming online including Xero and others. I am a CPA and recommend software to my clients. I will be exploring new options for my clients. Intuit used to be the scrappy newcomer taking on Peachtree, etc with a good product, good price and good customer service. They no longer care about customer service or price product is still good — but for how long? Will be interesting to see the next new company. It will be one that understands they are a service company.

    It is missing some pretty fundamental requirements. You can hours of fun getting to know your suppliers accounts department as we do every month , explaining your remittance statement to them. QBOL does not show any supplier credits in the remittance statement only the total of invoices paid?? Hence, payments do not match the remittance statement. This issue has apparently been outstanding for two years.

    When you contact support you receive the standard patronising, platitudes of how they really appreciate the feedback and please add it the development list! If you enjoy banging your head against the wall, this is the ideal product for you. Am I missing something, this is my biggest hurdle I cannot get over, as silly as it sounds.

    I am beginning to despise quickbooks. I use RightNetworks to host my Quickbooks Enterprise and I have had to call twice in the last 30 days to get payroll issues resolved and this time the representative changed my payroll check numbers to different numbers than the original checks that were issued! I just got upset with the representative that changed the check numbers on checks that had already been issued and asked to speak with a representative. Right now I have been on the phone for 25 minutes and am still holding! Find another software to use, quickbooks support sucks big time! Customer Services—Real problem with Quick Books- there computer system all over the world are not connected to each other.

    The transition from PC platform to online is painful. I do not understand why they took an intuitive system and made it so complicated. Not sure what they were thinking in the webdesign. My on-line has a glitch and I cannot pull any reports at all. None of my reconciliations show at all.

    I find QBO very cimbersome. I love the regular QB, but i find the QBO lacking some of the reports that I am use to, especially the employee earnings reports. Quick books is a joke.

    The Shocking Truth About Money - Interview with Ellen Brown - Part 2 of 2

    QBO is the worst piece of accounting software I have ever seen. To get to any useful information, I have to click through a ton of stuff yuck! It is NOT intuitive. We do light manufacturing, and there is no way to show inventory moving from one category to the other. Moreover, one of the reasons that we moved to QBO is that we wanted to have multiple people follow orders, etc. I hate QBO, and I am actively looking for something better. Quick books online is garbage. I have to wait for quickbooks to reload everytime i try to use it, and the invoices look terrible. I finally gave up on it within a month and it took 6 hours to get desktop pro reinstalled and my file back in.

    Now I have to rebuild all of my templates because they were stripped when the file went into the online solution non-solution. My initial feelings about Quickbooks Online was that it was one of the better of a bad breed. The main failings are the occasional crash, the fact that it often seems to go to sleep and the poor reporting on most of the options. I am a Chartered Accountant and looked at this for clients. My main criticism is for many in the UK it totally useless. These need to use the UK fiscal year of 5th April. For some reason this is NOT an option. Normal Months only.

    I questioned this and this was confirmed eventually after considerable evasion by Intuit. I will have to look for an alternative. My new issue with QBO is that I have a non-profit client who is discontinuing their business — and it seems there is no way to keep a copy of their data file…if they are audited in 2 years, their data is gone…wondering if this is really true. So long as your client in based in the US, they should have no problems exporting their company file.

    They will need to use Internet Explorer. You can find more details here. That is not the case, there are authorized hosting companies that will offer QuickBooks Desktop in the cloud. Great question. My statement could probably do with some clarification, so thanks for pointing that out. Online is not user friendly and very slow. My biggest complaint is if you decide to upgrade you CANNOT go back to your old version without starting a whole new company.

    We wanted to see if the inventory feature worked for us………awful! We wanted to go back to the plan we had previously and we were told it is not an option. Now we have two options, either pay the additional fees for features we will not use, or cancel and start all over! Would not advise this product to any small business. Option three, which I went with…….. Think twice before using this program. Hi Katherine. I am leaning toward implementing the Online Plus program here because while I am a Windows user, there are quite a few people in the company that are die hard Mac users and as I understand it, the other QuickBooks products all require Windows access.

    Is this true? Are there any other resident based applications that allow platform independent access? Thanks for your question, and my apologies for the delay in response! Is that the case? Thanks Katherine. Thanks again. I have been using the Desktop version of QuickBooks for 13 years and it has become a very critical part of my business. I was talked into changing to the Online version and have been using it for almost a year now.

    However, it is just not as full featured as my Desktop version. There is absolutely no way of exporting our data back to QuickBooks Desktop. Hi Katherine, I was advised by several folks that this is my only option at this point. Thank you for replying. Never fall for the Cloud. You should have considered Big Business for your business. It is outstanding and far more comprehensive. QuickBooks desktop was great. Once you have to use Intuit online as you grow bigger. The customer service is among the worst I have ever experienced. If you grow out fo the desktop version, go look for another software because Intuit sucks.

    My wife still uses a PC and runs Quickbooks. She want to convert to a Mac. I have to agree with the litany of customer complaints regarding poor customer support and the lack of sophistication with the online version. My business support organization utilizes various SW programs for our clients, including the desktop and online QB versions. We are thus entrusted with this dubious and painful task. Fortunately, we can often come up with an answer for the client since we have many years of working with various operations and accounting programs and can develop workable, workaround solutions.

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    However, when this is not the case, we cringe at the prospect of having to contact their support staff. Often, it takes two hours phone time, with no resolution due to a lack of knowledge on the part of the support representative. Other client complaints surround the lack of sophistication with the online versions.

    Chief among these: The customization of reports is virtually non-existent compared to the desktop version. Other reporting functionality is woefully lacking. I could list more issues, but do not have the time. Thanks for your review and comments. Well, your question is a little vague.

    That depends on the type of business. For example, are you referring to very small businesses wherein a sole proprietor handles the day-to-day transactions or a small staff; larger companies that require more robust accounting solutions; industry or cross platform specific? Usually, small businesses do not have in-house accountants; those that do are actually full-charge bookkeepers or focus on cost accounting, and so forth. Where did you derive your feedback from? The question was intentionally open.

    As for accountants who are happy with the program, a quick way to find some is to read through the comments on the Xero review and Xero v QBO article on this site. It is nowhere near the capability or speed of Big Business Inc. You have a Server, Client environment which is fast and it is a fully relational data base system.

    Big business has more and better reporting features and support that is development tech driven not some foreign voice that can not answer your question. Because she was often behind with much of our QB data bank reconciliations not done for 6 months just one example , i never trusted our QBDT to be giving me an accurate or complete picture of our financial status.

    However, she stayed on top of payroll, taxes, W2s, and invoicing, so I just lived with the incomplete picture we live in a very small town where professional bookkeepers charge far more than a small business like ours can afford. No more worries there. Our departing bookkeeper initially offered to help with the conversion. Who are you going to have set all that up in a new program? I think your best bet would be to do a free trial of the basic payroll online in conjunction with the desktop program, at least to start with.

    You can set up the desktop version to use the online banking through QB for your accounts payable if you want to keep doing that. QB will be supported until May of this year, so maybe try this first? I really want to go with QBO and Bill. Your input is appreciated! Thanks for your question, and my apologies for the delay in response. Other things like payroll settings will likely take more time.

    As you probably know from reading the comments here, a number of people have had problems with conversion, some of them pretty severe. Finally, it sounds like your main reason for switching is to keep your company data up to date. If, however, you want to be able to access your data from multiple locations or deal with a user interface which is more intuitive to a non-accountant, the switch will likely pay off in the long run.

    This whole system is very deceptive. Tech support is included with QBO Plus. Can you give me some more details on your experience and the tech support plan the company recommended to you? Dear Katherine, how can QuickBooks receive so many stars? When I browse through the ratings here, most of them are 1 star ratings. Can you please explain how you arrived at almost 5 stars for QuickBooks Online? Thank you. Great question! First, while the comments posted on this review are by and large negative, user reviews of the service as a whole from all sources are much more balanced.

    For instance, you can read some of the comments on our Xero review and find people defending QBO there. But that does lead to a negative bias across user reviews in general. With QuickBooks Online, this phenomenon is exaggerated, for the simple reason that many of the people posting one-star reviews are doing so because they expected QBO to be the cloud-based equivalent of QuickBooks Pro. That means tasks that someone used to do in one minute might now take five or ten minutes, at least the first time through. So I take that into account when considering user feedback.

    Finally, my purpose in providing star ratings for software is to give people a good idea of how one piece of accounting software stacks up against the others. Other programs may be better for certain businesses, depending on their accounting needs, but in many cases they may not be adequate.

    And that defeats the purpose of having a 5-point scale. It makes it harder to see how the software lines up with other options. So I rate software primarily based on a scale not of perfection, but of the alternatives available. Now, in a few respects notably, customer service QBO lags those alternatives, and that fact is what keeps it from 5 stars. But when it comes to cloud-based accounting software, QBO is still one of the best options available for most companies. I am suspicious! I disagree with your assessment of the star reviews. I run a website with 4.

    I am SO done with it, but having investing days of work to make it reflect what we actually do, I cannot afford to invest in something else. Buyers beware! Quickbooks removes them from the report. We have a work-around, but god help anyone getting audited. Katherine:With all of the trouble with QB Online, are some people successfully combining a remote desktop service and quickbooks desktop version to accomplish the ability to work on quickbooks remotely. Any thoughts. Thank you to you and the other reviewers. So, I was looking to move my locally hosted Quickbooks to allow for these individuals to work in quickbooks probably not simultaneously.

    Your review article and comments spooked me a little. We are a subk in revenue company and the accounting is not complex. Any thoughts and ideas. Oh, that is a tricky one! If there is a remote access service that works for you, that might be your best bet. Most people who take the time to post an opinion about a product — especially in detail — have run into problems with it. Maybe in another year or two, if and when Intuit has ironed out some of the kinks. On November 21 I tried to log into my quick books account and it asked for additional information to log in to verify that I was the owner.

    Since I had hired someone to do my bookkeeping this person had put all the start up information in her name. This started a month long process of customer service reps creating tickets with different case numbers. With each new case number it delayed the process by ten business days. QuickBooks asked me for certain forms which I faxed over same day on November 23, E-mails were sent back to me indicating they have received my documents however, they kept a on going circus without giving me a new user name and password to get back into my account.

    Every time I call to inquire when I will be given a new user name and password I am given the run around. They will not let me speak to a supervisor or manager. If you ever have an issue will take you hours and many phone calls. Been with them for just under 7 years and over time the service and the product gets worse. I would not choose this one again.

    I have 4 companies using them and if could find a way to easily move I would. They get worse over time and I have a lot of experience with them and over time gets worse and worse. I would not recommend this software to anyone. They advertise complete conversion within 3 hours, directly from the QB company file. Though if you dislike QB enough, it might be worth hiring a specialist to convert all your files to a new system. Of course, Xero may not offer everything you need, so it would be worth checking into very carefully first. You can find a comparison of the products here and our full Xero review here.

    If I could give negative stars I would. I have never witnessed such gross ineptitude in one organization. Since we moved from the desktop version to QBO about 5 months ago, Quickbooks has been nothing but the bane of my existence. First they transferred over duplicate records for payroll and then spent the better part of 3 months dual filing taxes and sending notifications each month. I spent hours upon hours working to resolve. Next and concurrently I found out that they also forgot to continue my Workers Compensation coverage and I only found out when receiving a non-renewal letter from the insurance carrier.

    Again another months to resolve, but the best part of this was I had gotten on the phone with a rep who told me they had fixed the problem and when I asked him to send me proof, I received a screenshot of a Quickbooks WC Enrollment success screen containing NO Confirmation code or any reference to my company name or account.

    Wisconsin GOP Targets Faculty Tenure | Econbrowser

    Since I was skeptical I called back a few days later and what do you know…not only was the issue not fixed, but also there was not even a record of the incident at all. This would not be the only time that I was misled or that an incident was lost. The next issue was that they misfiled my payroll tax payments randomly one month and sent me a notification that they had the wrong information for my company. They had been making these payments for my company for over a year. When I got on the phone they blamed the state and said they would look into it but that I would need to report those myself.

    Now I have just gotten off the phone with them inquiring about an issue where my downloaded transactions are not finding matches. They mean to tell me that I am not supposed to keep my books up to date. Before I got off the phone, I decided that I would at least check on the status of another escalated incident I reported more than a month ago regarding a syncing error on one of my credit cards and, of course, have heard nothing since then as I was promised.

    And guess what, there was no record of my call again. The support rep I spoke with on this particular issue had helped me with a temporary work around involving manually uploading the transactions. I cannot make this up! I have never seen such a comedy of errors or witnessed such a mismanaged and incapable operation. A business cannot survive with such a horrendous product and even worse support. The only good thing I see about this program is the access from anywhere. I worked at an accounting firm where I used QB Pro for my biggest client.

    When I left the firm I went to work for that client but still work closely with the accounting firm. It would be a longer ballot, but would include more races of interest to voters. Perhaps holding election day on a weekend would be more convenient. Many people vote by mail, but still the turnout was low.

    Another issue was that some city council incumbents were not returned to office. This could be because the tide is turning as new people move into the county, and the old establishment is eased out. All in all, it was a lively evening of discussion, fellowship and good food. This is an annual event that has proven to be very popular with members and guests.

    Speakers included Dottie LeMieux of Green Dog Campaigns, who gave the nuts and bolts for the local candidate and Lise Stampfli-Torme, a communications consultant, who spoke on creating an effective web site. Two important tips emphasized by the speakers were to develop a realistic budget for your campaign and to try and meet as many potential voters as possible face-to-face to learn firsthand what they think the key issues are in your race. Our New Members Tea was a big success! Held at the charming Margie Belrose Theater in San Rafael, our event honoring new members attracted a good-sized turnout including several high school students and young professionals from the Young Democrats Club, plus other guests who are not members yet, but we hope they will join us soon.

    Guests learned about the long history of MWPAC and about our mission to get more women elected to public office. With soothing harp music in the background, guests enjoyed tea poured from beautiful tea pots, wine, finger sandwiches, pastries and sweets. It was a lovely high tea and a chance for everyone to chat and catch up, and meet new people.

    The weather cooperated with a lovely, warm Spring-like day. Guest speaker newly elected State Controller Betty Yee outlined the many duties of her office, which she has only been in for two months, and the many projects already underway. Speaking to the young women, she emphasized getting some education in finance, no matter what professional field they might enter. Keynote Speaker Nancy Skinner, who was just termed out after three terms in the State Assembly, traced her career, from being the first and only UC Cal student to be elected to the Berkeley City Council, to her future plans to run for the State Senate.

    She advised the young students to keep in contact with people they meet throughout their academic career and into their early profession. These people can be invaluable contacts through life, she said. Ed Vorous provided a sumptuous feast before the program, which included presentations from campaign consultants, giving their hard-earned advice about how to run a campaign, and several speakers representing the media, unions and organizations that endorse.

    Despite a number of competing or complimentary events taking place the same night, our 3rd Anniversary Party and New Members reception was a big success. Some people, particularly local officials, party-hopped because of the overload of engagements, but that just added to the buzz. Along with enjoying wonderful food organized by Barbara Matas and Ed Vorous, and drink graciously poured by Gary Tobin, guests honored three longtime members who received emeritus status, Dora Knell, Marvell Hamm, and Eleanor Kellogg-Smith.

    Guests watch the proceedings. Lynn Bornstein helps out in the kitchen. Dora Knell receives a small gift in recognition of her newly bestowed Emeritus status. It is a very moving and inspiring film. If you wish to show the DVD to your friends in your home,. We chose to disengage ourselves from that organization and start our own, with all the same talented, enthusiastic, and very active members plus a whole bunch of new talented, enthusiastic and very active members!

    So, on Monday, May 14, we held our second birthday party at the Falkirk Cultural Center in San Rafael, where everyone who attended had a fine time gossiping, or rather, discussing intelligently, the upcoming primary election, which has several hot local races including for Congress and the Assembly. Very desirable prizes were raffled off. She will be moving soon to Ashland, Oregon and we will miss her enthusiasm and friendship. At its Endorsement meeting, held Monday, April 9, eight candidates vied for the honor. It was a challenging evening because some of the candidates had to travel for several hours since the new district reaches up to the Oregon border, but they were a peppy bunch and ready to shake things up in Washington.

    We only wish there was more than one seat available. Our next endorsement night, for the Assembly, Supervisors and other races will be held Monday, April 23 at the San Rafael City Council chambers at 7 p. Supervisor Rice talked about the inspiration she received from working for the late Supervisor Hal Brown. Planned Parenthood is counting on two-thirds of the California legislators, the U. Congress, and President Obama to continue funding for the organization. Without support from office holders at both state and federal levels, funding can be reduced or eliminated, threatening the reproductive health of thousands of women across the country who rely on Planned Parenthood for medical care, said Trujillo.

    Phone banks made up of volunteers are being set up to persuade the public to lobby politicians who want to stop funding at both federal and state levels. Funds from the public are needed to bankroll this effort.