Art - A History of Painting, Sculpture, Architecture - vol.1

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Eleven illustrated plates with engravings of machinery and factories. Illustrated throughout with equipment and techniques. The book is organised by goods; paper, This illustrated text includes 25 numbered full-page plates and 32 supplemental plates as well as illustrations throughout. This guide, written in A scarce colour illustrated collection of educational essays and notes on the art of painting. Around eight illustrated A two volumes in one of the nineteenth-century periodical The Illustrated Exhibitor and Magazine of Art.

The Magazine of Art was an illustrated monthly British journal devoted to the visual arts, published from May to July The complete two volumes of this beautifully illustrated periodical celebrating art history, architecture, inventions and more. This magazine was issued as a follow-up from the publication of the same name from which The beautifully illustrated, and very scarce Spanish volume featuring scenes in the nineteenth century.

A beautiful collection of art reflecting the zeitgeist of the mid-nineteenth century. Illustrated frontispiece plate of William III entering Exeter with numerous other illustrations and portraits throughout. Information on science, Bookseller's stamp of Knibb, Leamington A collection of illustrations of paintings and mosaics from the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Several of the plates have been hand-coloured -we are not sure if this is contempoarary to the book. Illustrated throughout with many engravings in the text, and an engraved frontispiece. With original cloth binding bound into the rear. An illustrated work about architecture by the accomplished art critic John Ruskin, illustrated by the author.

A beautiful collection of portraits based on the female characters of Sir Walter Scott's novels. In an ornate morocco binding, with gilt detailing to the boards and spine. Comprising of thirty-six A beautiful collection of illustrations to accompany Lord Byron's narrative poem. Produced for the Art-Union of London. Childe Harold's Pilgrimage describes the travels and reflections of a The fifth edition. A beautifully illustrated copy of work detailing the masterpieces of Christian artwork. With over thirty plates and numerous illustrations.

Armengaud was a nineteenth century art critic who, after many travels, published large volumes Replete with series half title, engraved frontispiece, general index, and table of materials. In a typical belle epoque binding of vermillion cloth with ornate decoration, this guide to the publically-accessible masterpieces of Rome A collection of portraits of eminent historical figures, including Dickens, Faraday, and Livingstone.

Engraved on steel by D. With memoirs by the most able authors. Binders' label of Bone and Son to rear pastedown. A collection of illustrations by many eminent artists. Bound by Leighton son and Hodge as indicated from binder's stamp to rear.

The Evolution of Art (and how it Shaped the Modern World)

A beautiful collection of illustrations relating to the English county of Warwickshire. Formed of drawings by various popular illustrators of the nineteenth century. Collated, complete. A two volume set on the history of art. From the paintings of the catacombes in Rome, through to the Renaissance.

Illustrated with seven photographs tipped in. Bound in quarter-leather, with gilt lettering and decoration. Volume 2. A scarce copy of the annual of the Ilam Anastatic Drawing Society, profusely illustrated throughout, edited by G.

History of Modern Art: Painting Sculpture Architecture Photography

A scarce work. The Ilam Anastatic Drawing Society was established Third edition. Illustrated with many plates throughout. A comprehensive study of the representation of the Virgin Mary through art history by the first English art historian, Anna Jameson. Beautifully illustrated, with twenty seven plates and numerous vignettes. The first edition of Joseph Crowe and Giovanni Cavalcaselle's work on the history of Italian painting, lavishly illustrated throughout.

Complete in three volumes A very scarce catalogue with original paper wraps bound in. Drawings, Paintings, and Sculpture. Etchings of Objects of Art. Published with the sanction The first edition of Thomas Hugo's definitive catalogue of the works of Thomas and John Bewick, illustrated throughout. Incomplete, being Volume I of II. In French. Featuring illustrations in the text throughout. Volume II of a two volume set. A first edition of this nineteenth-century work on Holbein by the famous art historian Wornum.

Featuring an engraved portrait frontispiece. Contains numerous illustrated plates. A nicely presented copy of this biographical exploration into the life and works of Danish sculptor of international fame, Bertel Thorvaldsen. Written in French. Collated complete with two beautifully engraved plates by F. This is a beautifully illustrated edition on this text on art and art education.

With twenty-two illustrations.

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New edition. Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino - better known A critical work regarding English art. Illustrated throughout, with twenty four colour plates. With notes on each piece of art, both contextual and critical by Francis Turner Palgrave. This work contains a wide selection With seventeen plates and four-hundred illustrations. Lacroix examines the development of different areas of art through a period of five An artistic exploration into the legend of christian art, with particular focus on Salisbury Cathedral.

Featuring a tipped in photogravure of the west front of Salisbury Cathedral, to the frontis. Written by the Minor Canon of In a prize binding from the City of London School, with a prize It is presented to the Public with very few alterations, and The first edition of this travelogue by well-known Victorian author, Edward Lear. Beautifully complemented by illustrations painted by Lear during his Corsican travels. Collated, complete with A lavishly illustrated work of German literature featuring the artist talents of Emilie Preger, C. Arnolf and A. A collection of poetry and short stories accompanied by numerous plates An illustrated study of the artistic portrayal of monastic legends.

Fifth edition. She recognised the extent of the ground before her as a mingled sphere A two volume set of Spooner's History of the Fine Arts. Includes 24 plates of monograms with two inserts detailing monograms, explanations of terms and an alphabetical list of artists mentioned in both Vol I and An uncommon, five volume set of John Ruskin's definitive work of Nineteenth Century art criticism Modern Painters, signed by the author. A beautiful copy of Jacquemart's research on ceramics. With 12 plates, figures, and illustrations. The very scarce first edition of Carl Werner's water-colours from his travels along the Nile from A vibrant collection of plates from this famous artist.

Preserved in the original With two plates and numerous illustrations. A very scarce edition of notes from the leading art critic of the Victorian era, John Ruskin. Ruskin produced a series of these notes between with this edition being a single late publication.

Ruskin explores theology, history, A history of lace-making from Mrs Bury Palliser. Illustrated throughout with many plates, and engravings in the text.

This installment, from William Maskell, covers the fundamentals of the study of ivory sculpture. Illustrated with ten coloured plates and vignettes by Randolph Caldecott. Including chapters on Genoa, the Apennines, La Fantesca, and more. Limited to four A history of the use of glass in decorative ornaments throughout the world. Illustrated with nine lithographed plates. Large paper copy, A beautifully illustrated guide to floral designs by Frederick Edward Hulme. Frederick Edward Hulme was known as a teacher and an amateur botanist.

A nicely bound copy of this profusely illustrated work on the works and lives of popular American painters. An interesting look at the extensive work of the popular nineteenth century American A study of art depicting domestic life from the nineteenth century. Illustrated throughout with many tipped-in Woodbury reproductions of original works by the artists. Some of the artists examined include Halliday, Landseer, and With illustrations.

Published to guide the education of art historians and develop an idea of what is aesthetically pleasing, Clment creates an abridged A extensive collection of 'The Theatre. A Monthy Review' edited by the noteworthy critic Clement Scott. A large collection of 'The Theatre' periodical from August 1, to December 1, A beautiful collection of portraits of scenes from British history by Thomas Archer.

Bound by Blackie and Son binder's label to rear pastedowns. Illustrated with sixty-nine engraved plates. Including portraits of Thomas A Becket, Roger A very scarce instructional work on change ringing for beginners, by the renowned authority on Church and hand bells, Charles Arthur William Troyte. Charles Arthur William Troyte was a Colonel A history of engraving from Georges Duplessis.

Illustrated throughout with seventy-three reproductions of old prints. A series of lectures on artistic principles, such as Beauty, Colour in Sculpture, Joshua Reynolds and many more.

If You're an Educator

Preceeded by a short biography of Henry Weekes. An attractive edition of seventeenth century French history by Paul Lacroix. A prolific writer and journalist, Paul Lacroix is known best for his pseudonym A collection of plates illustrating the journey along the River Cam. With thirty-six plates, depicting: 1. Byron's pool 2.

Bridge at Trumplington 3. Mill at Grantchester. Meadows Near Bathing Sheds. Paradise, From Meadows A large volume containing Charles Yriate's history of Venice, with many illustrations. Translated from the original French by F. A very scarce collection of woodcuts from the engravers Thomas and John Bewick. Contains 52 tipped in plates depicting different rural scenes. Portrait plate of Thomas Bewick. Thomas Bewick was an engraver and natural history author A beautiful second edition of anthropological exhibition pieces in the Trocadro Museum.

With four-hundred illustrations. The fourth annual of The Magazine of Art. A illustrated monthly visual arts magazine, the publication included reviews of exhibitions, articles and all manner of articles on the arts, covering everything from archictecture and design A scarce edition of Style-O! With black and white illustrations throughout. With an appendix to the rear of the volume. A profusely illustrated Victorian British journal devoted to the visual arts.

Volume IV. With reviews of exhibitions, articles about artists and all branches of the visual arts, as well as some poetry. The Magazine of Art Its features An illustrated work of the British countryside. Illustrated, with ten plates and numerous vignettes. Leather bound copy with marbled boards and gilt titles to spine. French art and interior design book with many black and white illustrations and 10, of 11 called for chromolithographs.

Examines the influence of Japanese A lovely example of this large collection of illustrations by the celebrated nineteenth century cartoonist and illustrator George Cruikshank. Illustrated with Illustrated frontispiece with engraving of the Jacquard Loom. The book traces the history of the silk trade back to the year A guide to the use of glass as decoration during classical civilisation, covering the use of glass by the Greeks, the Romans, the Japanese, and many other cultures. With six plates, two of which are beautifully coloured. A collection of drawings by English artist and illustrator, Randolph Caldecott.

Caldecott exercised his art in book illustrations. He influenced illustration of children's books in the nineteenth Scarce, first edition. Collated, complete with 53 plates and an additional ornamental title page plate. An exceptional and very rare copy of this illustrated catalogue of an exhibition of the Incoherents, an art movement in nineteenth century France, focussing on nonsensical art.

This scarce work A very scarce first edition copy of this illustrated catalogue of the works of the notable English portrait painter Joshua Reynolds, exhibited at the Grosvenor Gallery from to A handsome re-bound copy of de Mly's architectural research. With a frontispiece of Andreoli, illustrations, and six plates. The first edition of this colourfully illustrated work on the meaning behind flowers, illustrated by Kate Greenaway. An interesting look at the folklore and A beautiful guide to using water-colour paints when painting flowers.

With eight facsimiles of original water-colour drawings by various artists tipped in, as well as other colour illustrations. With three colour plates, twenty plates, and illustrations. With original etchings and many A collection of essays on art by J Comyns Carr. Well bound in leather with an attractive bookplate. A scarce collection of Turner's illustrations. Including illustrations of cathedrals, coastal scenes, and more.

Turner's talent was recognised A scarce four volume work on Japanese art. Illustrated throughout with numerous plates and vignettes demonstrating examples of the art. Part IV has sixteen plates, of those listed to the 'List of Plates' A pleasing first edition copy of this account of the author's life amongst fishermen and sailors; relating his life spent upon the water with accompanying illustrations.

Robert Charles Leslie An interesting historical work on the arts. An English translation of the originally French work by Paul Lacroix. This edition is based on the second French edition and has been rearranged by W Armstrong. Illustrated, with 12 lithographic A monthly review of drama, music and the fine arts from a variety of critics and authors. Tipped in black and white photographic plates of actors, dancers and theatre critics.

Engraving of John Henderson.

History Ireland

Clement Scott Second edition but first complete edition of Modern Painters , and fifth edition of Seven Lamps Seven Lamps contains a frontispiece and thirteen further Michael Bryan's acclaimed reference book on artists. Bound in half calf leather with gilt lettering and marbled edges. With Arthur Shanks nameplate on the front free endpapers. A large paper copy of Philip Gilbert Hamerton work on artists imaginations, illustrated profusely throughout.

The second edition of this work. An interesting work on the use of an artist's The second edition of Philip Hamerton's interesting work on artists imagination, illustrated throughout. This work is an interesting look at the artists use A decorative record of art from the French and Dutch school as shown at the Edinburgh International Exhibition in A profusely illustrated work celebrating the illustrative work of the noted nineteenth century artist, Randolph Caldecott. Limited edition. Number of copies printed.

Signed by Edmund The novel tells A collection of the pictures exhibited in the Royal Academy. Illustrated throughout with hundreds of engraved reproductions of art work by Leighton, Bartlett, Goodall, Riviere, Solomon and many others seven of which are aquatint, A beautifully illustrated catalogue of the collection of portrait miniatures at the Burlington Fine Arts Club.

With 36 full page photographic plates. A French collection of short biographies of female artists. Illustrated throughout with engravings by C. Bound by Dray of Cambridge. Possibly with the signature of Ezra Pound, an expatriate American poet and critic. First thus, the first English language edition of this work. A very scarce copy of this charming collection of songs, with beautiful accompanying romantic pastoral scenes. This copy is undated, dated using Copac.

Edited and arranged by Robert E. Containing descriptions of paintings by Rubens, Raphael, Rembrandt, Boucher and others. The sale took place at the Hotel Drouot A first edition, colour illustrated handbook with numerous diagrams, sections and maps. Second Edition. A profusely illustrated work featuring a depictions of Bohemia, a region on the Czech Republic, bound in the publisher's original vibrant green decorative cloth binding. Undated, dated using A nicely illustrated late-Victorian work on art history.

Featuring a fold-out plate. Contains numerous tissue-guarded plates, including a frontispiece. With numerous illustrations in the text.

ISBN 13: 9780131841611

With a prize presentation label A scare copy of Auffret's work on the Ozanne family's work of the Eighteenth Century which includes numerous examples of their work. Second edition, revised and enlarged. Charles Mryon - , was a French artist, An illustrated work looking at the picturesque scenes of the British sea, written by WIlliam Clark Russell and illustrated by various authors.

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Fourth Edition

Toggle navigation. Stock photo. Art A history of painting, sculpture, and architecture by Frederick. Abrams, ; ISBN Search Results Results 1 of Art: A history of painting, sculpture, and architecture Frederick Hartt. Noticeably used book. Heavy wear to cover. Pages contain marginal notes, underlining, and or highlighting. Accessories such as CD, codes, toys, and dust jackets may not be included. Abrams, Inc. Very Good. Disclaimer:A copy that has been read, but remains in excellent condition. Pages are intact and are not marred by notes or highlighting, but may contain a neat previous owner name.

The spine remains undamaged. Dust jacket quality is not guaranteed. Art: A history of painting, sculpture, and architecture Hartt, Frederick. Used - Good. Former Library book. Shows some signs of wear, and may have some markings on the inside. Abrams, January Abrams, Dust jacket has a small tear on top of spine, and has staining.

Wear on corners and edges. Soiled edges from use. The book has clean text and a good binding. No pri or itymail or international.